How To Improve Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation In Football With Empowerband

Actualizado: 25 de oct de 2020

Ankle sprains are common in most sports, particularly in football. The most recent studies put the incidence of such an injury in a range of 10-17% of all injuries in elite soccer. The majority of these injuries are managed conservatively with a graduated rehabilitation programme before returning to play. This often involves the use of an immobilisation boot, brace or strapping with the progressive increase in load-bearing demanded throughout the specific rehabilitation stages. Recovery time for ankle sprains varies between 7 –34 days; post-surgery in more severe cases this figure is reported as 77-105

What is Empowerband and how does it work?

Empowerband is a new and revolutionary ankle support for football players, the innovative over-boot design works as an elastic spring as you move to restore power, strength, and stability back to your ankle after injury. Specifically designed to aid in the rehabilitation of ankle injuries in Football, Empowerband provides effective support for players rehabilitating ankle sprains in football.

How does Empowerband improve the rehabilitation of ankle sprains in Football?

The aim of rehabilitation is to recover players to full fitness, help prevent further injury and prevent players becoming reliant on support. Taping is an industry-standard used by physios to prevent movement in the ankle joint and reduce the risk of re-injury. For players without access to physios ankle braces follow the same priciple, but there are 3 problems with using tape and braces in the rehabilitation process.

1. Tape loses 80% of its efficiency within 20 minutes leading it to be ineffective in a very short time.

2. The repeated use of heavy braces and tape on the ankle limits the use of ligaments slowing recovery and leading players becoming reliant on the support which prevents players from returning to full fitness

3, Tape and heavy braces create bulk, cause discomfort, and slow a player's mobility reducing their performance levels

Empowerband improves ankle rehabilitation by transitioning players away from heavy taping and braces, strengthening the ankle, improving proprioception and leading players to full recovery

Fitting into the end-stage rehabilitation process Empowerbands unique design helps players the rehabilitation process in 3 ways.

1. Empowerband provides a semi rigid support that maintains 100% of its support efficiency. Re-usable, adjustable and easily fitted by players themselves without the need for a physio.

2. Protecting and supporting the players ankle from the risk of injury Empowerband provides an elastic spring, activitating and promoting movement to the ankles ligaments, helping re-build strength, power, and stability back to the ankle, aid rehabilitation to full recovery and preventing players becoming reliant on support.

3. The over-boot design provides a lighter and more comfortable fit eliminating the bulk and discomfort of tape and heavy braces which improves mobility and improves player performance.

When and how to implement Empowerband into the rankle sprain rehabilitation process

End-stage of the rehabilitation

We have put together 15 exercises with the help of Blackburn Rovers and ex-Manchester Utd, Blackburn Physio Dave Fevre perfect for training indoor-outdoor on grass, 3G, in the sandpit, and in the gym. Empowerband can also be used in regular training sessions, pre-game warm-ups cooldowns, and during matches.

Physios save time and money

  • Save your club money, Empowerband is re-usable unlike tape saving waste and expense.

  • Save time on taping Empowerband is quick to fit and players can adjust the support level to their required level.


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