The Best Ankle Brace For Soccer - Introducing Empowerband

Using the right ankle brace for soccer is key to preventing re-injury while rehabilitating your ankle. Empowerband is the only ankle brace specifically designed for Soccer, the innovative over-boot design works as an elastic spring as you move to support and prevent injury and restore power strength and stability back to your ankle.

4 Reasons To Use The Empowerband Soccer Ankle Brace

  1. SPEED YOUR RECOVERY AFTER INJURY With ankle injuries common among football players, effective rehabilitation is key. By protecting, supporting, and strengthening your ankle the Empowerband can shorten the recovery time, aid your rehabilitation, and get you back on the pitch and playing at your best.​​

  2. BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE AS YOU PLAY It is no surprise that a strong ankle plays better than a weak one. With Empowerband’s unique over-boot technology, you can add power strength speed back to your movement after injury and focus on the game without traditional taping and supports slowing you down and causing you discomfort.

  3. INCREASE SUPPORT AND PROTECTION TO PREVENT INJURY Watching out and being nervous for your ankle can hinder your performance and even lead to injury. Empowerbands over-boot design increase support and protection to prevent injury, so you can trust that your ankle is supported and enjoy football to the fullest.

  4. SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT Created for footballers Empowerband is the lightest ankle support for Football and more comfortable than traditional supports & taping, the over-boot design eliminates the bulk and discomfort to give your ankle the ultimate support and comfort as you play.

Did you know there are 7 types of ankle injury you can sustain in Soccer. The most common is an ankle sprain. Empowerband is specifically designed to aid in your rehabilitation. Follow these ankle strengthening exercise with physio DavidFevre of Blackburn Rovers.

Empoweband is used from grassroots to professional players and provides more effective support compared to traditional tape and braces . Find out what the professionals say.

Buy Your Empowerband today and get back to your best faster.

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